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Acquire valuable users with Space

Space technology allows your mobile app to acquire users through digital advertising, optimized by its algorithm that connects multiple traffic sources.

Retain users in the most efficient way

Implement retargeting campaigns at scale using artificial intelligence algorithms across multiple media sources.

Find the best users for your app

We make acquisition and retargeting easy. All your campaigns on a single platform.

Expand the Media Mix at Scale

Global access to Ad-exchanges, SSP's, direct inventory at scale optimized by Machine Learning algorithms.

Experience personalized service

We adapt our technology to meet your goals.

Follow the results in real time

Access to campaign performance reports through Space.



Maximize the results




Greater Reach

without risk

No risk

search users

Quality users


Smart Reports

What our
customers say

Henrique Makoto

Senior Growth Analyst

“Rocket Lab helped us scale the campaign by keeping CAC stable and achieving a high volume of conversions. The team was always on the lookout for excellent traffic quality and constantly looking for improvements”

Sofia Gonzalez

Marketing Director

"Our growth rates skyrocketed with Rocket Lab. They are much more than a partner, they are an extension of Flink’s team, they drive our entire digital strategy and are constantly looking for improvements to optimize campaign performance and continue to grow”

Erick Aguila

Performance Marketing Manager

“Rocket Lab has become our strategic partner to diversify inventory and acquisition outside of traditional media. They are experts in Mobile Growth, they understand our challenges and use the data in the search for improvements."

What is Space and how does it help grow my application?

Space is a comprehensive growth platform by Rocket Lab Mobile App Growth. It helps grow your mobile application by enabling user acquisition through digitally optimized advertising using its algorithm. Space connects multiple traffic sources to maximize your application's results.

How does Space's algorithm work to optimize digital advertising and acquire users?

Space's algorithm optimizes digital advertising by connecting multiple traffic sources, allowing your application to acquire valuable users. It utilizes artificial intelligence to identify the best opportunities and acquisition strategies, thus maximizing your application's results.

How can I efficiently retain users?

Rocket Lab Mobile App Growth helps you efficiently retain users by implementing scalable retargeting campaigns. It utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms across multiple media sources to deliver personalized and relevant ads, increasing the likelihood of user retention.

What advantages does Rocket Lab Mobile App Growth offer in terms of user acquisition and retargeting?

Rocket Lab Mobile App Growth offers several advantages in terms of user acquisition and retargeting. Some of these advantages include the ease of implementing all your campaigns on a single platform, access to an expanded Media Mix on a global scale, and the use of machine learning algorithms to optimize and maximize your campaign results.

What global reach does Rocket Lab Mobile App Growth have in terms of accessing Ad-exchanges and SSPs?

Rocket Lab Mobile App Growth has a global reach in terms of accessing Ad-exchanges, Supply Side Platforms (SSPs), and direct inventory. This means you can reach a wide variety of advertising platforms and traffic sources in different countries and regions, thus maximizing your reach and exposure to potential users of your application.

How is Rocket Lab Mobile App Growth's service personalized according to my goals?

Rocket Lab Mobile App Growth tailors its technology and services to your goals. Their team will work with you to understand your specific goals and needs, and they will adjust the acquisition and retargeting technology and strategies to meet your application growth objectives.

How can I track and monitor the results of my campaign in real-time?

Through Space, you will have access to real-time campaign performance reports. This will allow you to track and monitor the results of your campaign, obtaining updated data on key metrics such as installations, retention, ad performance, and more. Real-time information will help you make informed decisions and make adjustments to your strategy as needed.

What are the key benefits of using Rocket Lab Mobile App Growth to grow my application?

Maximization of results, scalability, greater reach, risk-free, quality users, and intelligent reporting are some of the key benefits of using Rocket Lab Mobile App Growth to grow your application. Their advanced algorithm and machine learning-driven approach ensure that your campaigns are optimized and adjusted for the best results, making it a low-risk investment for quality users.

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