Our Rockets

We are the leading app marketing company powered by experts.

We believe that technology must always be managed by a first class human team to be successful. That's why we built an ecosystem of personal and professional development so that each Rocket reaches its full potential.

Global Team

We understand the needs of our clients first hand.

Our values

team player

Team Player

We're a team. We work as one and take care of each other. We choose kindness and collaboration as our key tools to find solutions.

top level performer

Top Level Performer

We always go the extra mile. We never stop growing and wanting to do better. We love challenges. We achieve and work with maximum efficiency.



We are 100% transparent and honest. We listen, receive and seek feedback on how to improve. We change behavior that no longer helps us be the best version of ourselves.


Rocket Spirit

We recognize the effort and success of each individual. We celebrate the success of someone on our team as if it were our own.

Our Culture

Do you want to work with us?

What is the Global Team of Our Rockets?

The Global Team of Our Rockets refers to our workforce distributed across different locations around the world. This allows us to understand our customers' needs firsthand and provide them with a service tailored to their local requirements.

What are the key values of Our Rockets?

Our key values are: Team Player, Top Level Performer, Integrity, and Rocket Spirit.

How is personal and professional development fostered at Rocket Lab?

At Our Rockets, we believe in the importance of personal and professional development for our teams. That's why we build an ecosystem that provides opportunities for each Rocket to reach their full potential. This may include training programs, mentoring, challenging project assignments, and growth in roles and responsibilities.

How is teamwork and collaboration promoted at Rocket Lab?

Teamwork and collaboration are fundamental values at Our Rockets. We foster an environment where every team member feels valued and supported. We promote kindness, open communication, and active collaboration to find joint solutions and achieve our common goals.

How is success recognized and celebrated at Rocket Lab?

At Our Rockets, we recognize and celebrate both individual and collective success within our team. We value the achievements of each member and celebrate them meaningfully. Whether through public recognition, awards, or special activities, we share the joy and celebrate success as a united community.

How is transparency and feedback promoted in mobile industry?

Transparency and feedback are key aspects at Our Rockets. We foster an environment where open and honest communication is valued. We actively listen to the opinions and suggestions of our team and constantly seek ways to improve. We strive to be transparent in our actions and decisions, promoting an environment of trust and growth.

In which countries does Rocket Lab have offices?

Rocket Lab has offices in the cities of Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Bogotá, Mexico City, São Paulo, Madrid, Barcelona, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jakarta, and Ho Chi Minh City.

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